Health & Safety Inspections

What are they?

Inspections are a way of systematically checking that your working environment and procedures are meeting the required standards. An inspection should identify hazards and be your first step in introducing measures to improve conditions.

They can be formal, informal, recorded or unrecorded, but what is important is that they are carried out to a set standard at an appropriate frequency.

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Health & Safety Inspections

Why are they important?

Inspections are a vital element of any safety management system. They should be used to determine whether you are meeting the standards you have set for your workplace and work activities. They are important because if they are carried out effectively, they allow you to identify and remedy problems before they become more serious or result in an incident or accident. 
Some inspections are required by law – most people will be familiar with the need for an annual inspection and safety check on gas boilers. Examples of other statutory inspections that should be carried out by a competent person include equipment such as lifting equipment, local exhaust ventilation and pressure vessels.

Who is affected/most at risk?

Everyone who visits your workplace or is affected by your work activities could be at risk if you fail to identify an issue that could cause harm or damage.

What does the law say?

General Health and Safety Legislation requires employers to provide a safe place of work, safe access and egress and safe plant, equipment and systems of work. You need to carry out inspections in order to see whether you are providing and maintaining a safe workplace and working arrangements. 
As highlighted earlier, there are some specific requirements for inspection. The Lifting Equipment and Lifting Operations Regulations (LOLER) and The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) both outline specific requirements for the inspection of plant and equipment that might need to be considered as part of your inspection regime. 

Where there are specific requirements, the legislation usually states how often the inspections need to be carried out or that it should be carried out in accordance with a written scheme of examination drawn up by a competent person.