Fire Extinguisher Course

This Fire Extinguisher course complies with the Regulatory reform (Fire Safety) order 2005.

To instruct staff to gain a greater understanding of the use of Fire Extinguishers within the workplace.


Delegates will have a greater understanding of Fire Extinguishers within the workplace, the Fire Triangle, the 4 stages of a fire and be familiar with different classifications of fire and how to deal with fires practically by using different types of extinguishers.


Duration – 1½ hour
Class Size – Up to 15 delegates

Who should attend

All members of staff.

Fire Extinguisher Course


  • Introduction

  • Course aims and objectives

  • Fire Safety legislation

  • General fire safety and fire precautions
  • Action on discovery of fire

  • The importance of fire escape routes and smoke travel

  • Types of fire extinguishers and methods of operation

  • Course debrief and any questions