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These products offered by Golden Safety are part of the all round consulting services and coincides and completes the fire risks assessments and fire warden training that we provide. Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing these products, with or without the training that accompanies each product.

Evacurite Evacuation Chair

EvacuRite is a best-in-class, economically-priced evacuation chair that excels in terms of ease and speed of use, comfort, manoeuvrability and durability. 
    Features        Dimensions
    Simple rapid-deploy system - allows the chair to be ready for use in seconds with no heavy lifting.

Lightweight aluminium frame - making it the lightest evacuation chair in its class.

Can be used as an alternative transit / wheelchair.

Smooth, safe, glide-track system ensures a comfortable and controlled evacuation down stairs.

Dual rear brakes at waist level for easy application.

Forward-extending, ergonomically-shaped handles assist manoeuvrability.

Adjustable chest, lap and shin straps.
  Adjustable neck support.

Wipe-clean material.

Wall attachment bracket - no lifting required.

Cover included.

Full instruction manual including trained operator / maintenance inspection log.

5 year guarantee.

Directive 93/42EEC Medical Devices - Class 1.

EvacuRite training courses available on request.

  Weight of chair - 15.9 kg

Maximum load - 160 kg

Height closed - 113 cm

Height open - 160 cm

Seat width - 46 cm

Seat depth - 44 cm

Seat back height - 49 cm

Seat height from floor - 49 cm


Stairway Evacuation Chair EVAC 300H MK4

The standard model Evac+Chair featuring 182kg payload capacity and a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow hammock. Also available in AMB format which has larger rear wheels for prolonged/external use.
    Includes     Features   Dimensions
  Patient Restraints

Photo Luminescent Signage

Wall Mounted Hooks

Dust Cover

User Guide
  Easy to use

One person operation


No heavy lifting required

Made in the UK
Height of chair - 1050mm (folded)

Width - 520mm (folded)

Depth - 200mm (folded)

Weight -9.5kg

Payload Capacity - 182kg

Tag Evac

 What is TAGEVAC® ?

TAGEVAC® is the simple, fast and safe way to manage the evacuation of your building. It works like this.
1. Every area in your building is divided into evacuation zones.
2. In an emergency, each zone is visually checked by an appointed fire warden
3. When clear, a TAG is taken from the zone’s designated ‘TAG Station’, confirming the zone has been checked.
4. The fire warden takes the TAG to a central control board where emergency services can see at a glance which zones in the building have been checked.

Simplicity lies at the heart of the TAGEVAC® system. Clear colour coding for each zone means:

while you’re in the building – you can tell in an instant if a specific area has been checked
once you’re safe outside – a quick glance at the control board means you have a reliable overview of the situation.

The product is designed to be intuitive, durable and easy to adapt for different types of organisations. Each zone’s ‘TAG Station’ houses a removable magnetic TAG which is protected by a tamperproof cover. A plan shows the extent of zone coverage and helps you confirm the area is checked before removing the TAG.

One simple idea, multiple choices

One size never fits all, so TAGEVAC® is easy to customise. We can work with your organisation to develop the exact solution to suit the way you operate – and fit with your existing safety systems. We’ve developed a large range of products to suit all environments and we can build bespoke. 

 Golden Safety comes to you, you choose the date and time and one of our experienced and professional consultants or trainers will be ready to help, assist and train.