“Helping you adhere to all HSE and Fire Safety Guidelines, including Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety ) Order and the Fire Scotland Act 2005”.

Fire Door Inspection


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Fire Door Inspections.

Fire doors are life safety systems and form a vital part of a building’s passive fire protection system. They prevent the flow of smoke and fire and help compartmentalise a building to provide a safe means of escape for its occupants. They are essential in all buildings and must be regularly inspected, tested and maintained to meet the requirements of article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005.

Current guidance recommends that fire doors and their components should be checked periodically as determined by the building’s fire risk assessment. The fire door inspection scheme suggests that inspections are carried out every 6 months.

Fire Safety Inspectors.

All our fire door inspections are carried out by Fire Safety competent persons with a vast amount of Health and Fire Safety experience and qualifications. This gives tenants, building managers and owners the peace of mind that the fire doors within their property have been competently checked and that any remedial actions needed to meet the requirements of BS476 have been highlighted.

What Does the Fire Door Inspection Include?

The inspection will involve checking that the gap around the door frame and threshold is correct, hinge condition and certification, signage, overhead door closers, fire rated glass, intumescent seals, smoke seals, locks, latches, handles. This includes any riser or electrical cupboards.

Ineffective fire doors endanger lives and are in breach of fire safety law.

Effective fire doors will restrict the spread of fire and smoke, and therefore help people escape safely in the event of a fire.

Nationwide service.

We will recommend the most cost-effective way to deal with any failing fire doors.

Comprehensive Fire Door Inspection Report.

Following the fire door inspection, you will receive a detailed report which itemises the pass/fail rating for each door based on required criteria. The report also includes a full list of any remedial actions needed to bring the doors up to the necessary standard.

Remedial Works.

We can provide a quotation to undertake any maintenance works necessary to bring your failed fire doors back to required standards. This applies not only to failings detailed in our inspection reports but also those highlighted by your existing fire risk assessment.

Fire doors should be regularly inspected (recommended every 6 months minimum) for damage that may prevent the door from performing in the event of a fire. This may form part of the risk assessment for the building. Any issues should be fixed as soon as possible using compatible, correct fire rated components.